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When you install Windows operating system, you automatically install all basic drivers for proper functioning of common devices such as mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. But, the need for additional new drivers becomes necessary if you install a new graphic card or a printer. While all the basic drivers are updated when your OS receives automatic updates, the additional drivers have to be updated manually. This becomes a headache as users have to visit the manufacturer’s site, search for the right drivers, match the version code and then install to update them.

In such situations, driver update programs are very helpful. There’s no need of lengthy manual update! These softwares do the scan process within seconds, display outdated drivers, download and install them automatically.

The internet market is teemed with popular driver update softwares. These programs charge a small fee and assure complete automated procedure in updating drivers. However, there are some programs like DriverMax that only focus on backing up drivers and notifying users about outdated ones. Such softwares lets you check for updates, but you will have to manually download them to update your system drivers.

Scan Process:

With its simple and no-nonsense interface, DriverMax offers system scanning, driver backup and restore features absolutely free. But the scan process is relatively slower than popular programs like Driver Detective or Driver Genius. Moreover, it opens a separate browser to display a list of outdated drivers and allows you to download the latest version and install it manually.

The software’s easy interface also provides a list of popular devices. You can check the forums hosted by its developers to take a look on popular drivers chosen by users. The only thing you’ll have to do is sign up with the program. While this is a novel concept, it is absolutely not useful for users who only need simple driver “update” software.

Size of the Driver Database:

The database size of DriverMax is larger than Driver Genius, but cannot be compared with the size of Driver Detective’s database. Currently the software has more than 800,000 drivers that can be downloaded for free. The program supports more than 100 thousand hardware devices.

Customer Support:

DriverMax’s website has a very simple customer support section. You can submit your registration or tech queries through their online form. The response is pretty slower than Driver Cure, which claims to reply all queries within 8 hours. But, the online help system is perfect for newbie users to understand the whole driver scan, backup and restore procedure.

Comparison with Other Device Driver Update Software:

Driver Max can only be used for scanning the entire system to look for outdated drivers, creating a backup copy and restoring drivers. One of the key drawbacks is its driver update procedure. Unlike other automatic driver update software, particularly Driver Detective of Driver Cure, the program does not update drivers automatically. It just lists the newer versions with a download link. You will have to click on each link to download drivers and manually install them. This makes the whole procedure very tiresome and time-consuming.

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